Here a litle Story about 3V8SS:
On the first day i couldn't get the Key for the Station, sorry for that...
so startet on the second day arround 08:00 to build up the Rig...
all was running ok and i was Qrv on Moonrise.
All together i worked 48 EME Sations in 2 Moonsets and 2 Moonrises and 160 on MS FSK..
At the customers i was realy lucky and they didn't control the bagged..
The antenna was in a box for beachtents so they just looked at it and i coud pass..
Thanks to everyone who called me ..pileup was great and sorry for the G Stations but something happed to them..
I was Cqing many times to G but only 2 of them worked..G4FUF and G4YTL...
For EME i have to say thanks for those who know to work split..
I could have worked much more but many times few stations calling direct on my TX QRG special in the W-Window..
I think maybe 10 to 15 direct on 105..big mess..
So next time:If you call a Expedition try to call him up on his QRG...
If not: there is no chance in JT65B to freeze or get the right calls..
Special Thanks to Mr Halim, DL3YEL,DL1BDF and ON4IQ for Qsling...
Happy Moonbounce ,Merry Christmas and cul from 5A next Year in March de Fran